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After many dormant years we return with an album which draws from the core of Slavic cultural heritage to pay tribute to forgotten spirits, rites and ancient gods of eternal force of nature.

To recall the atmosphere of the ancient times we joined forces with the “Drewno” singers who, using the white voice singing technique, perform historical folk pieces from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Balkans in their natural, authentic form, giving the album its unique flavor.

The lyrics on the album come from Polish poets and writers such as Tadeusz Micinski, Kazimiera "Iłła" Iłłakowiczówna, Ryszard Danecki, Janka Kupała (Iwan Łucewicz) or Szakalis.

This merge of raw metal music and ethical tunes, Slavic voices and Polish poetry inspired by local folklore has given birth to an album as intriguing as the themes it touches upon.

“Bogu” is a vivid reminiscence of pagan culture flourishing across lands where Slavic tribes lived from the pre-Christian times: sinister darkness of forests, unshakeable majesty of mountains, somber immensity of sea depths and constant dance of sun and moon, cool breeze of storms and flaring ember of bonfire, and all of that veiled by mysterious mist of old rites and beliefs. Here is the album, embedded in the oldest folk traditions from Poland and neighboring countries, which reaches to the sole roots of our national identity.